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The abstract submission is now closed, we thank all the authors for their contribution.

Instructions for an oral communication or for a poster

We invite you to submit your abstract for an oral communication, a poster or an industrial-academic duo communication.

What’s an industriel-academic duo communication?

With the intention to promote the interaction between industry and academics, we propose an original oral lecture format named “industrial-academic duo“. This lecture consists of a joint oral presentation by two speakers, of one industrial and one academic researchers, who work together in the frame of a given scientific project. This duo presentation is expected to last in total 25 min with 10/5 min of questions. The industrial applications should be clearly addressed.

Instructions for an oral communication, a poster or an industrial-academic duo communication.

General procedure for abstract submission

Note that you can first submit the abstract and apply for an oral presentation or poster. You will be notified if the abstract is accepted for an oral before the deadline for registration.

The abstract has to be submitted on a different webpage:

Topics and Sub-Topics

Present your work at MBP’2022, the first edition of the International Conference on Metal-Binding Peptides. MBP’2022 will cover a wide range of topics and disciplines around peptides and metals, from basic research to various applications.

There are 8 sessions to choose from, addressing a wide range of topics:

Main topics Sub-topics
___ ______________________________________ __________________________
1Chemical & biochemical synthesis
2 Screening & separation processes |
3 Peptide-Metal interaction
4 Nutrition & cosmetic applications |
5 Health applications |
Diagnosis & diseases
6Environment applications
7 Biomaterials   |
In general
8 Catalysis

Template to follow

The abstracts of communications (for oral and posters) submitted in the frame of MBP’2022 should follow the instructions listed hereafter.

 your document should be uploaded in pdf format and contain 1 page maximum,

 the first page must contain the tittle of the communication, the authors and their affiliations, the abstract in English and key words,

 in your abstract, you should mention up to 3 keywords selected among the scientific topics, and up to 5 key-words of your choice.

Instructions of writing to respect

 page format: portrait, A4

 Margins: up, down, left and right: 2 cm

 Police: Calibri in all the fileSize: 11 pts for the body of the text

 Interligne: 15 points for the body of the text