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CAKIR-KIEFER Céline, URAFPA, University of Lorraine, France

Title: Antioxidant and divalent metal chelating properties of milk lactoferrin


Céline Cakir-Kiefer is full associate Professor in Food Biochemistry at Faculty of Sciences (University of Lorraine) and at research unit URAFPA (Animal and Functionality of Animal Products) since 2007.

She obtained her PhD thesis as biochemist in 2002 at University of Strasbourg (Bioorganic Chemistry laboratory, CNRS). She spent 2 years as post-doctoral position in pharmaceutical groups Pfizer and Sanofi. She obtained her habilitation to lead research (HDR) in 2020.

Her research focuses on bioactive proteins and peptides and more particularly on metals chelating proteins/ peptides from milk. This study focuses on measuring in real time the interaction between divalent metals and equine milk lactoferrin.