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VALENSIN Daniela, Siena, Italy

Title: Impact of Copper Coordination on molecular processes associated to Neurodegeneration


Daniela VALENSIN did her PhD thesis in 1999 – 2002 at the Department of Chemistry, University of Siena. Then, she went on with a Post-Doctorat position at the Department of Chemistry, in the same University (2003-2006). Daniela was recruited as Assistant Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry, at the University of Siena in 2007 and obtained her Associate Professor Habilitation in December 2012. From 2016 to present, Daniela is Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Siena. In July 2017, she became Full Professor Habilitation (General and Inorganic Chemistry). Her research activity is focused on the identification of metal coordination modes and ligand binding sites in proteins and peptide models associated with neurodegeneration with the final aim to determine protein structural and dynamic changes occurring upon metal/ligand binding.