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RUTHSTEIN Sharon, Bar Ilan University, Israël

Title: Utilizing EPR spectroscopy to resolve metal-peptide interaction


Prof. Ruthstein graduated from the lab of Prof. Goldfarb (WIS) at 2008, and then joined the lab of Prof. Saxena (PITT) as an EMBO post-doctoral fellow. In 2011, She established her lab at BIU, Israel. Her group is utilizing various spectroscopic methods to resolve copper cellular metal transfer mechanism in vitro and in cell, where EPR is the main biophysical tool. They complement the EPR data by various other biophysical and biochemical approaches, as well as computational methods, such as CD, NMR, 64Cu(II) cell experiments, and QM/MM-MD simulations, to provide a complete picture of copper cycle in eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems.